Republished book [from Print source using APA 6th ed.]


Republished editions of classic texts sometimes present problems, centred around the date of publication. of the original work. With some classic texts, like a Shakespeare play, it is sensible to use the date of the copy in hand only, as the original date of publication will depend on which edition the modern copy is based, and it may be a conflation of more than one edition - and few readers would suppose it was written in modern times.

List up to seven authors in the reference. For eight or more authors, include the first six authors' names, then insert an ellipsis ( . . . ), and add the last author's name.

Standard Form

Author, Initials. (year). Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher. (0riginal work published year of publication)


Mill, J. S. (1989). Autobiography. Harmondsworth: Penguin. (Original work published 1873)

Russell, B. (1998). The problems of philosophy (2nd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Original work published 1912)

Citation in Text

In his autobiography, Mill (1989/1873, p. 135) distinguishes between the doctrine of circumstances and fatalism ...

Were it not for memory we would not know there was a past at all (Russell, 1998/1912, p. 66) ...