Conference paper: published [from Print source using APA 6th ed.]


If the proceedings are published regularly, treat them as a journal article. The format to be used is much like that of a chapter in an edited book.

Standard Form

Author, Initials. (year). Title of paper. In Initials Editor Conference Title: Vol. Volume number - if any. Theme title - if any (pp. start page number-end page number). Place of publication: Publisher.


Borgman, C. L., Bower, J., & Krieger, D. (1989). From hands-on science to hands-on information retrieval. In J. Katzer, & G. B. Newby (Eds.), Proceedings of the 52nd ASIS annual meeting: Vol. 26. Managing information and technology (pp. 96-100). Medford, NJ: Learned Information.

Firth, R. (1964). Family and kinship in industrial society. In P. Halmos (Ed.), Nottingham Conference of the British Sociological Association: The development of industrial societies (pp. 65-88). Keele: University of Keele.

Legg, K. (1996). Multi-faceted exclusions, multi-faith experiences: Religious pluralism in Southampton. In P. Shurmer-Smith (Comp.) Proceedings of a postgraduate Conference in social and cultural geography: All over the place (pp. 49-54). Portsmouth: University of Portsmouth.

Citation in Text

... reuse of a redundant Christian building (Legg, 1996, p. 51) by the Sikh community is ...

Firth (1964, p. 74) asserts that the nuclear family is ...


  • There is no precedent for including the exact dates of a conference.