Standard [from Print source using APA 6th ed.]


In the UK, these are mostly the responsibility of the British Standards Institute, which becomes a corporate author of the document. Standards are identified by a number, which becomes the first part of the title. Otherwise a standard is like any other monograph. In APA, if the publisher is the same as the corporate author, use Author in place of the publisher.

Standard Form

Name of authorising organisation. (year). Number of standard: title of standard. Place of publication: Publisher.


British Standards Institute. (1979). BS 5404-4: Specification for plastics laboratory ware: Part 4: Wash bottles. London: Author.

British Standards Institute. (2002). BS EN ISO 11623: Transportable gas cylinders: Periodic inspection and testing of composite gas cylinders. London: Author.

Citation in Text

There is a procedure for internal visual inspection (British Standards Institute, 2002, p. 14) which it is desirable ...

... flexibility is a factor in safety (British Standards Institute, 1979, p. 2), so ...