Abstract as an original source [from Print source using APA 6th ed.]


Abstracts are only short summaries of the subject matter of articles, so it is better practice to read and comment on (and thus reference) the full article. Reference the abstract as for the full article, but put [Abstract] after the article title. If you are referencing an abstract which appears with an article, written by the author of the article, use this format.

Standard Form

Author, Initials. (year). Title of article [Abstract]. Journal title, volume number (part number), page number.


Mace, F. C. (2006). A computerized test of self-control predicts classroom behavior [Abstract]. Journal of applied behavior analysis, 39(2), 147.

Manning, M. L., Davidson, M., & Manning, R. L. (2005). Measuring tourism and hospitality employee workplace perceptions [Abstract]. Hospitality Management, 24, 75.

Citation in Text

Children with ADHD make more impulsive choices (Mace, 2006) which ...

The Tourism and Hospitality Organizational Climate Scale (Manning, Davidson, & Manning, 2005) measures the organisational climate ...