Conference paper: published [from Electronic source using OSCOLA]


Conference papers may be available informally at the actual conference or direct from the individual presenter. They can also be published in print in regular series of proceedings or as collections for a specific conference.

If a conference paper has been published in electronic or print format this is the preferred version to reference.

Standard Form

If a conference paper has been published online your footnote should always include a web address and date of access.

Conference Paper

Author/s, 'Title of paper' (Conference Title, Location, Date of Conference) accessed Date.



C Kirkpatrick & C George, 'Assessing the Impact of Trade SIAs' (Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment Stocktaking: Implementing Sustainable Trade conference, Brussels, 22nd March 2006)<> accessed 20 August 2011.

Lord Bingham, ‘Keynote Address’ (Liberty conference, London, 6 June 2009) <> accessed 19 November 2009.

Reference List

List conference papers alphabetically by the author's surname under the heading Secondary Sources.

No full stop is required at the end of an entry in a Reference List as this is a list.

In your bibliography, the author's surname should precede his or her initial(s), with no comma separating them, but a comma after the first initial. Only initials should be used, not forenames, e.g.

Kirkpatrick C & George C, 'Assessing the Impact of Trade SIAs' (Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment Stocktaking Conferecne: Implementing Sustainable Trade, Brussels, 22nd March (2006)<> accessed 20 August 2010

Bingham, Lord, ‘Keynote Address’ (Liberty conference, London, 6 June 2009)<> accessed 19 November 2009



Cite conference papers that are not publicly available only if you have the author’s permission.

Reference: Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, OSCOLA: Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (4th edn Oxford University 2010) 41-42.

LIJ 2/15