Briefing or working paper [from Print source using APA 6th ed.]


The format for a briefing or working paper is very much like a book, with author, year, title, place of publication and publisher.  However, if it comes from a recognised series, include the series title and number in round brackets after the title (American Psychological Association, 2010, p.206).

Standard Form

Author, initials. (year). Title of the working paper (Series Title and number - if there is one). Place of publication: Publisher.


Benito, A., & Young, G. (2002). Financial pressure and balance sheet adjustments by UK firms (Bank of England No. 168). London: Bank of England.

Citation in Text

Benito and Young (2002, p.7) demonstrate that equity finance can play an important role ...


  • If there is no identifiable author, begin your reference with the title of the report. Cite the first few words of the title in the text of your work and italicise them.