Dissertation [from Print source using OSCOLA]


Normally, dissertations are not the best sources to cite. If your lecturer agrees to their use, follow the format below.

Standard Form

As a footnote:

Author (Initials or Forename unpunctuated followed by Surname), 'Title' (additional information year) page if required.


JP Hardman, ‘Rainer Werner Fassbinder's BRD trilogy: a manifesto for social and political reform’ (Unpublished undergraduate dissertation, University of Portsmouth 1999) 14.

Reference List

In the Reference List

Reverse the Author's name so that initial comes after surname and flist asa Secondary Source.

No full stop is required at the end of an entry in a Reference List as this is a list.


  • Dissertations are usually non-recoverable, except sometimes to staff and students of the institution to which they were submitted.