Company report [from Print source using OSCOLA]


A company report (or annual report) will have a corporate author. Tthe name of the organisation responsible for the report goes in the author position but need not be repeated as publisher. The date of publication will depend on accounting year.

Additional information, including a description of the document, a series number and any other details which may help the reader to locate the source should be referred to in parenthesis after the title.

A pdf version of a company report accessed via the Internet would be identical to a print version and referenced in the same way.

Standard Form

As a footnote:

Author, 'Title' (Additional information, Edition if later than first Publisher Publication year) page number if required.


Reed Elsevier, Annual Reports and Financial Statements 2007 (2008) 8.

Reference List

List company reports alphabetically by author's name under the heading Secondary Sources.

No full stop is required at the end of an entry in a Reference List as this is a list.


  • For Parliamentary reports see entry for Hansard
  • For Law Commission reports see entry for Reports
  • Reference: Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, OSCOLA: Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (4th edn Oxford University 2010) 39.